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The Real Slate

Founded 50 years ago, Pereira Gomes, already has a long tradition in the extraction of Black Slate from the Valongo region, in the district of Porto.

We supply customers around the world, from the United States all the way across Europe to Japan. Pereira Gomes, is known for its commitment to its customers and in recent years, we have expanded our quarries, developed new product ranges and invested in production equipment.

At the same time, we have improved our processing services so as to reduce waste, increasing the life of the quarries for the benefit of future generations.

Some of our work and the various finishes that we offer can be seen in our showroom. It is the perfect place to seek inspiration and develop ideas. From a simple tile to a modern shower base, Pereira Gomes, works slate using a perfect combination of traditional techniques and the most modern processing equipment.



What are the top finishes?

There are several top finishes: a honed top, a top with a simple bevel and round tops with multiple profiles.

What is the maximum size for one piece?

The maximum size we can achieve is 250 cm x 120 cm (length x width)

What is the minimum thickness?

That depends on the material. If the tiles are to be used for flooring, the minimum thickness is 8 mm in Natural 2 faces or Natural / Calibrated, for sizes up to 30 x 30.

For pieces cut to size, it depends on the finish. If it is natural, the minimum thickness is 20 mm and if it is honed, the minimum thickness is 15 mm.

Is the colour of the slate always the same?

Valongo Black Slate does not change colour over time, and has a homogenous colour.

What Products Should I Use To Darken The Slate And isolate it?

The use of a moisture-repellent product will help to protect the slate against unforeseen events, such as spillages of fat, make maintenance/cleaning easier and will darken it. There are available waxes specifically for the treatment of slates.

Can I Buy A Single Piece?

Yes, you can.

How Can I Wash The Slate To Remove Cement And Paint Residue?

There are available products for this kind of work. Please contact us for further details.

Do Your Products Have The CE Mark? (NP EN 12058 / 12057 )

Yes, our products have the CE Mark. Please contact us for further details.

Which Adhesives / Cements Should I Use To glue The Slate?

We recommend cements or adhesives for porous stones. Please contact us or speak directly to a representative of a Cement Brand, who will be able to advise you on the best adhesive for the intended work.